Thursday, October 8, 2015

Under the Pressure Foot #12

What is under my Pressure Foot. It is my Farmer's Wife Sampler. It is time to finish it and cross it off my 2015 To Do List. Since I got it back from being quilted I have want to do the binding and finish it but everyone and everything just kept getting in the way. Then of course there was the binding issues. Thinking I was using the left over from the sashing fabric was the easy part. Once I had the fabric in my hands there wasn't enough to make the binding. Do I have any more? Did I go back and buy some more? Was I planning to use something else. But I can't find another piece of the sashing or any other fabric I would of considered using. Maureen bailed me out of trouble in the end, trading the piece from her stash.  I will repaid her next time. More calculation proved I could make it.

So fingers crossed I cut and sewed the binding on with the occasional please don't run out I can't get any more and I want to finish this one this year.

Good news I made it around with nearly a whole strip left. Now I just have to hand sew the binding in place.

I will share the finished quilt soon.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fully Stacked Round Up

Our Fully Stacked Weekend is over and I am suffering from a bit of a fun hangover. Just a little tired and flat from all the work that went into putting this event together for the weekend and then all the fun  we had over the weekend and now it is over. I am a little sad. From the feedback so far it looks like we will be doing this again with some sewing involved next time. I already have a few ideas running around in my head. So if you have an idea, theme, when you would like to have it, etc I am happy for some extra input.

 Calendar Bingo was a hit and I have already penciled that in for next time as I still have lots of 2015 calendars to use up.  Plus a special February edition of Calendar Bingo will be included after February got banned because there wasn't enough days in the month.
The quiz was interesting online, we only had a few hand in their answers but in store we gave away what I had allocated for the in store quiz prize pool.  Some work to be done on this one for next time. I am think shorter. It started too early this time. Maybe people lost interest.

 Lots of Riley Blake Design and Penny Rose Fabric Stacker packs were sold at the discounted price. People love a discount and it helps when the 2 new released patterns and the revamp pattern featured stacker packs.
Also I need to arrange someone else to take some photos I was too busy to take many.
It is time to have a rest maybe do a little sewing on my Ohio Star quilt which is suppose to be finished by the end of the month. I just love a deadline to give me a good swift kick to the rear end to get me going. I am 2/3 of the way through the blocks. All the large blocks are done just need to finish the 6 inch blocks and piece them altogether.
 Then it is time to start sewing 2016 Block of the Month. We are doing a more traditional Block of the Month next year. We will be use the Riley Blake Designs Shades range and there will be 2 colour ways for you to choose from.
Until Next Time 
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fully Stacked - All Bricked Up #2

We have reached the last day of our Fully Stacked weekend. It has been a blast online and in store. We have had a lot of new visitors to the shopfront which has been great. So for today the quilt release is a pattern I had updated. All Bricked Up #2.

 It was one of my earliest patterns I wrote and it used a couple of charm square pack. This time I have use a 10' Stacker pack The Quilted Fish Madhuri Stacker pack and cut it up to create a more random look to the final design.

 By updating the pattern it is now available in PDF format and paper copy and they are full colour instructions. The original pattern is still available if you prefer a more structural layout to your quilt. Remember all the patterns I have release this weekend are on special until midnight tonight at Cynthia's Ark and to 4pm in store in Mallala.
Plus place an order to get a ticket in the raffle and to enter your quiz answers in the comments box to win. Visit in store(7 Wasleys Rd Mallala South Australia 5502 and make a purchase to get a ticket in the raffle and to hand in your quiz answers to win. At the moment in store visitors are leading as quiz winners.

Until Next time
Keep Stitching