Saturday, April 19, 2014

Angaston Craft Fair 2014

On Easter Saturday we traded at the Angaston Craft Fair. A early start was needed as we always pop in to the Barossa Farmers Markets first as it is on the way. We got there right at opening time and it was already packed. It is worth a visit if you are around Angaston on a Saturday morning, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and breakfast cooking is just a delight to the senses. Back to the car with our purchases and 5 minutes later we were at the Angaston Town Hall setting up for the 10am opening. I have been trading at this event for the last 8 years so I couldn't  believe it when I realised I didn't bring enough tables but we manage with the loan of a spare table from a friend also trading there. It is a lovely event with a variety of crafts stalls and good food on offer from the Lions club who run the event. We caught up with friends and previous customers,some we had not seen for a couple of years so that is always nice. My kids panels and strip quilt kits got the most attention.

Some pictures of my stall I am thinking next year I do need to bring my hanging frame that bolts to the back of the tables and hang a quilt. It is amazing the different perspective you get when you see some pictures. The stall is lacking some height I think.
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Building Blocks Quilt- FMQ Along # 10

I have fallen behind in our Free Motion Quilt Along. I left it to last in my list of sew alongs to complete. I have been struggling with some of the quilting designs and not happy with some of the results. I know my problems were common problems and practise was required to overcome them but that wasn't making me feel any better. I think I have solved 1 problem, I finally found a marking pencil I can see on my fabric. It is a yellow quilting marking pencil. First the last block from March to complete. Again circles appear, luckily only 4 this time. My circles are still not true circles yet but I like the results from the lines. I did complete the block without breaking the thread and my stitches were more even.
Front of the block.
Back of the block.
Now for piecing April's block. Something easy to sew. All done.
Now to mark the stippling pattern, I only marked the 2 largest stippling patterns as Leah suggested. Stippling is something I have tried before. This was my only experience in free motion quilting before this quilt along. So I was fairly confident I could do this one.
Here it is. I stitched the 3 larger ones with no troubles I did have a little trouble with the smallest stippling I did snap my thread right at the end and was having trouble seeing where I was going. 
I don't think I would use the largest stipple design in a project but I found the second and third stipple sizes more suitable to use in future projects. 

Here is the link to see what other quilters are up to.

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Keep Stitching

Sewing Time #1

Triangle Quilt Along at the end of the day. Two thirds completed.
I am happy to say I got to spend some time in front of the sewing machine doing some catch up work. I caught up on the Free Motion Quilt Along as I had fallen behind. With that project caught up I then set to work on the Triangle Quilt Along as I still had rows to sew and then the rows to sew together as I am only a quarter of the way through the quilt top. So there was plenty to do, while piecing the triangles together I was able to sew some more lozenge blocks for our 2014 Leader & Ender Challenge on Quiltville. Still more work to go on both of the projects but I am happy with the progress.
Lozenge Blocks completed so far. Still have plenty more to sew.
Until next time
Keep Stitching