Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sew It Together- Lucky- Handmade Sew Along #2

This week we were given our cutting instructions by a video tutorial. I don't know about everyone else but I do like to see instructions sometimes rather than just written instructions.
First job was to select the squares we wanted to use. Two piles one to by cut one way and the other to be cut differently.

 I must say I'm glad we didn't need all the squares in the layer cake as this is what I found when I was selecting my squares for my quilt.

One square that is not a 10"square.  Now I have heard this sometimes happens but this is the first time I have actually seen it. It is disappointing but at least I don't need it.

Next to cut all the squares and my neutrals. Stacking them up and cutting multiple squares made it easy going and before I knew it I was done cutting for the blocks.
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Monday, October 17, 2016

Crazy Cat Panel Quilt

This is one of those panels that need a little work to make it work. You could buy 2 panels and sew a border around them to make a simple quilt but I only wanted to use one. It is from the Kool Kats fabric range.
1. I cut it up as the picture below show, just centreing the ruler evenly as you can between the frames.

2. Removed the centre row.

3.Then sewed the next two strips together.
4.Next I took the border print which looks like this.
And cut the cat strips and licorice strips apart.
So I ended up with 4 of each strip.
5. Then I cut 2 licorice stripes off strip.
6. Measure your panel from top to bottom and cut 2 licorice strip to that length and use them to sash your 3 sections of panel together. I pressed to the panel sections.
7. Measure centre panel side to side and cut 2 full licorice strips and 2 cat strips to that measurement and sew them together along the long sides off the strips. Press.
8.  Sew a strip to the top and the other to bottom of your centre. Press.
9. Cut 2  single licorice strip to the same measurement and sew to the top and bottom. I pressed to the cat strip as it is a wider strip.
10. Measure your quilt from top to bottom and cut 2 cat border strips to that length. and sew them to the sides of your quilt.
11. Measure side to side this time and cut the last 2 border strips and sew them to the top and bottom of your quilt. Press to the borders.
12. Now you are ready for quilting. Pin your three layers together with safety pins or baste with basting spray, whatever you prefer. Quilt it as you like. I stitched in the ditch for this one as I didn't want to sew through any of the cats. So no cats were harmed in the making of this quilt but two black cats did get told off for their block re arranging and standing on the quilt when I was trying to quilt it. Cisco behaving himself as I finish the binding off in my lap.

13. Then all you have to do is bind it. I used this Swizzle Stix diagonal stripe for my binding.

Panel and fabrics are all available from Cynthia's Ark online.
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Saturday, October 8, 2016

2016 Finish Along Q4 List

Last quarter was a total disaster. I added a couple extra projects to my list and only completed one project on the list. With that said I did get one quilt quilted ready for binding and I made some progress on another one. So this quarter's list looks like this.
1. To quilt and bind my 2015 Quiltmaker Mystery quilt. Auld Lang Stitches Quilt.
 2.  This one is quilted ready for the binding to go on.

3. My Victorian Fling is now ready for quilting, so I got all the blocks together last quarter with borders.That is good. I need to select the backing still and pin it..

4. My Forget Me Not quilt has seen progress in the last quarter but as I am English paper piecing it is taking time. 12 blue blocks to go around in this step after I fix my mistake. 3 on 9 more to go and then it is the last step to do.
5. My Crazy Cat  Panel Quilt just need it's border added and it will be ready for quilting.
6. Lastly my Allietare quilt no progress in the last quarter but the blocks are all made ready to be sewn together.

Let's see if I can make some real progress on this list this quarter. Pop over to She Can Quilt  and check out what everyone else has on their list. You may be inspired to finish some of your  own projects off with us.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching