Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Look what I found.

I was looking through some boxes and look what I found, another unfinished project. I have 24 English Paper pieced batik blocks and looking at the pile of papers I think I was going to make a quilt. 

Do I really want to make a lot more blocks to make a small quilt this way? Not really. So I decided to change it to a table runner, with a few matching coasters to go with it. This way I just have to make a few more blocks. So this is the table runner pieced ready for backing and then I will finish the set off with the matching coasters.

This is back of my piecing once I had removed all the middle papers. I will remove the outside papers once I am ready to finish it. When I was removing the papers I noticed 2 blocks that I accidently twisted. Oops. Should I fix it or leave it?

Here is the Let's Bee Social link, stop by and have a look at what other quilters are up to this week.
Until next time
Keep Stitching

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Painting not sewing

Yes the sewing drought is still happening here. I just don't seem to have any spare time to do any machine sewing. A lot of computer work happening, some poster designing happening for my stand at AMQF. Which has been at interesting introduction to PicMonkey. I have also created a Cynthia's Creating Ark  star link for my blog that now is happily sitting on my web shop, plus you will some of my other creations in the coming weeks. If I can work it out nearly anyone could use this program. 

So what else have I been doing? Believe it or not I having been painting the inside back panels of my new fabric shelving units for my shop. It will be so cool to have these units completed and in place in the shop. I have finished painting 2 coats on the large unit and the first coat on the smaller unit and there is one more small unit that will need painting.

 The other item of shop furniture that is in place ready to be used is the cash register shelving unit. I think the cutting counter is next to be made. I hope so.

Look at my poor lonely machine just sitting there waiting to be used. There are few lozenge blocks waiting to have corners added to them. At least I know where she is.

 Maybe I will find some time in the next week to do some sewing, fingers crossed. At least I have had a few minutes here and there for some hand piecing to keep me sane.
Until next time
Keep stitching

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Not a lot of sewing happening here

I still haven't made it to the sewing machine. I have walked passed it a number of times, even stopped and wondered if I should just sew for 10 minutes and thought no let's finish doing the job you are doing first. I have been cutting fabric, so at least I am handling fabric. What have I been cutting? I hear you ask, Pot luck quilt kits and a stack of 5 inch strips for my lucky draw strip packs for AMQF as I am nearly out of them.

This is what they look like once packed in to 1/2 metre packs ready for sale. Just need the label. They are available in our webshop in the fabric bundle section if you want some beautiful batiks.
 I have managed a little hand piecing when I just have to stop for the evening, so you can see I have made some progress piecing my Farmers Wife Sampler quilt.
Sorry I chopped the corners off but it gives you some idea where I am up to.
Until next time
Keep Stitching