Thursday, February 11, 2016

Project Uninterrupted Help File

At Project Uninterrupted our plan is to finish projects we started and then move on to the next one because our list of projects we want to make is most likely longer than our unfinished projects list. So we are being realistic by trying to move our unfinished project along towards completion. Here is where we started with Project Uninterrupted and attached to this post you will find your free Project Uninterrupted List so you can make your own list.

Now I have 7 Tips to help you along the way. Please feel free to add your own tip in the comment section  you may just help someone. This is one of Project Uninterrupted key points helping each other.

Here are 7 tips for you to help you get closer to complete your projects.
    1. There is a reason there is only 9 spots on the Cynthia’s Ark Project Uninterrupted chart. We want a manageable list to work with. I am sure there are people with big lists out there and some will find their list too large and overwhelming so they don’t do anything.  So by keep the list to 9 it is more likely you can focus on them and complete them some of them. We want realistic goals.

 2.     You can pick one on your list and work on it until you complete it or you can jump around on your list. You can do some on one project then swap to another project on the list when it takes your fancy.  As long as you are working on one of your List projects you are achieving progress.  That is our goal.

 3.    If you have to work on deadline projects, have one of your List project handy and use them as Leaders and Enders as you work on your deadline project. You will be surprised how much you can do chain piecing on two projects this way. I tend to use a project that is in the block making stage for this so it doesn’t slow your deadline project up too much. 

     4.     Schedule a regular time slot where you can spend time sewing. This can be set to what you can fit i to your life. Once a week, once or twice a month etc. and session time may vary too. It all counts in the long run. You may only have a spare 30 minutes one week, another week you may have 2 hours. It doesn’t matter. We just want to see some progress.

  5.     Have a regular sewing day with friends. This is great to keep the motivation up because you can share your progress, encourage and help each other if someone gets stuck.

   6.    Getting stuck on a project is a common cause for a project being put aside. Ask someone for help- a friend, or your local quilt shop or online. There are a number of groups you can post a question and get some advice or help.

   7.   Repurpose a project- You don’t want to finish it to the original pattern, too big, don’t like it anymore, whatever the reason it is still hanging around. Let’s do something with it to finish it. Just sew the blocks you have made and finish it. You can always donate the finished quilt if you no longer like the design or you may gift it to someone who said they liked the quilt. Turn lots of blocks into smaller quilts. 

   I hope you find these tips help you. You are welcome to join the Cynthia's Ark Project Uninterrupted Facebook group where we share our progress,  finished projects, help each other.
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What is New at Cynthia's Ark

I thought I would share some of the new arrivals at Cynthia's Ark today. If you receive my newsletter you will have seen some of this but there is alway more on offer here at Cynthia's Ark.

Fabric wise there has been a good mix arrive including Boro by Parson Gray. If you loved Katagami last year you will love Boro too. These fabrics are a fussy cutters dream with their geometric designs I can see all sorts of English paper piecing projects happening. Of course we have a large selections of papers and templates from Patchwork with Busyfingers in stock too. Boro is $26 per metre but is on special  for $22 per metre until the 16th February so be quick to get some.

Next we have two more bolts to add to our Kaffe  inspired collection. There is Zig Zag Stripe and the Large  Floral Vine and the flowers are 10cm in size and different colours. I want to fussy cut some large block centres from this one for placemats. Both are $26 per metre.

We have 3 bolts from the In Stitches range from Maywood Studio. I did order more but I missed out. The redwork panels are 3 1/4 inches in size and there is 8 per row across the width of the fabric. I will only cut this bolt in 10 cm increment after the minimum 20 cm cut so you receive full rows of panels, No panel cut through the middle and being wasted.The 20 cm cut gives you 2 rows of panels at $25 per metre.

Along with these beautiful redwork panels there is this Butterfly & Bee fabric and cream fabric. both are $25 per metre.

Also there is two new precuts in store from Free Spirit designer Joel Dewberry. This range is Atrium and we have the 2 1/2' design rolls at $60 each and the 5' Charm Square packs for $20 each. be quick they won't lasted long.

We have added a new range of threads to Cynthia's Ark also during January. It is  the Glide Quilting thread which is a trilobal polyester. It has a lovely sheen and it glides nicely through the machine. I wonder if that is where the name came from.  We have started with 12 colours but there is lots more in the range so every time I place a new order I will add a few more new colours to our stock. So far we have  White, Linen, Yellow Whisper, Pearl, Khaki, Battleship, German Granite, Blueberry, Cardinal, Merlot, Bright Gold and  Turf.   They are currently on a special introductory price of $7.50 per 1000metre spools. Normal price will be $8.50 per spool.

Now all of these products are now available to purchase at Cynthia's Ark online and in our Mallala store- Book a visit today or check the website site news for when we are open.
Just remember the specials won't last so get in early so you don't miss out.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More blocks.

Yes I am working on more blocks. What is going on around here? I may just win the most blocks made if there was a competition. There must be a point where I will have to start sewing the blocks into rows and turn them into quilt tops. This leads to my next sticking point quilt tops waiting to be quilted. That pile is not getting smaller and if I keep making blocks it will eventually get larger in theory at least. I will have to do some quilting eventually.

This is what I have picked up to sew, my Scrap Dance Mystery quilt blocks. All the component are made and the blocks just needed to be laid out and sewn together. As I am busy sewing Stash Bash projects with their deadline looming I just need something small for chain piecing purposes.
Here are the first two blocks completed.
It is really scrappy for me, though a couple fabrics are a little too light but that is life. My third block is in the reject pile already waiting to be unpicked.
So on I go. This will bring another Project Uninterrupted project closer to being finished.

To see more scrappy goodness pop over to She Can Quilt  and have look at what others are working on.
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