Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Animals are returning to Cynthia's Ark

As a lot of you know I was in Noosa Queensland over the weekend. I spent a great weekend with Sue Daley, Riley Blake Designs Cindy and Gina and a whole bunch of great women all out to learn new things and network.
 I learnt lots of things over the weekend and you will see a number of changes over the next few months as I work through my list of improvements. The first new thing to Cynthia's Ark is we are now on Instagram so I am learning how to use it. So pop over and follow our daily feed on what may or may not happen.
There has been a change on the website with a couple of more to follow once I iron out some details. If you are looking for pattern now  they have their own category rather being under the patchwork banner and it is section into subcategories by designer.
The second big thing to come from the weekend is The animals are returning to Cynthia's Ark. If you don't know my story I started Cynthia's Ark with decorating china and porcelain ware with animals on them, mainly cats and dogs but all animals. I have had a number of animal themed patterns and fabrics in store after I moved on but I have decided I need to return the animals so we are going to stock Melly and Me patterns.

  I met Melanie at Cotton Carnival where she gave a very interesting talk on social media and photography and also ran a workshop where we each made her latest pattern Oliver Hoots, which will be in stock shortly with a number of her other animal patterns. Stay tuned for their arrival.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cotton Carnivale 2015

If you follow my Goggle + page or my Facebook page you would know I am in Noosa Queensland with my quilting family. What a fantastic 4 days it has been. It has been full of workshops to help us to improve our businesses. All by Sue Daley and Riley Blake Designs. We have learnt heaps, talked and laughed a lot, eaten lots of good food and meet new friends. I can tell you I was pushed out of my comfort zone a number of times in workshops sewing new samples.
So when I return there is a lot of work to do. There is a lot of new products coming in over the next month. If you have been on the website in the last couple of days the patterns have moved to their own category as some of the new patterns will not fit under the patchwork category. We are branching out into a new area. Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Until Next Time
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Friday, February 27, 2015

350 Block Project 2015- February's Report

I have had to round up February totals a few days early as I am away from my computer and my sewing machine. That doesn't mean I am not stitching. I am sure there will be stitching. It just mean what gets stitched won't get counted in this month total..

This month goal is 30 blocks.
To Start with 4 more disappearing hourglass blocks completed. Then I sewed the blocks together I have counted each row as a block so that is 5 more.

3 more Inklingo 9' star blocks done.

February Vacation time block of the month has been completed

Then I have 17 Bow tie blocks completed from Quiltmaker's Bitty Block Challenge from January

and 7 Basket blocks From February Bitty Block Challenge

Just in the last week Quiltmaker's the New Year's Mystery quilt has released the final  block layout so now I will be able to add them to my total after making lots of sub blocks over the last 2 months. So far I have 4 completed blocks. The rest will have to wait til next month.

Then I had to sew some blocks together for a new project, there was 6 rows of 5 so I counted each row as a block for the total of 6 more blocks. Plus 2 more for the borders. Total of 8

I almost forget my RSC 15 blocks there are 2 lovely pink blocks.

I have done some paper piecing this month and completed a mystery block from Quilt Art Designs. Not perfect but very good for me. I may be getting the hang of this technique.

Finally 1 more hexagon flower I know only one but so much seems to get in the way lately. Like work and wanting to start new projects.
So this month's total is 53.
This is Cynthia here
Reporting in for February
Until Next Month
Keep Stitching